Friendship enriches life
“This program gives me the flexibility I need because the hours of my activities fluctuate daily in both time and duration. This facility also serves balanced and nutritious meals, which is important to me."
– Carolyn W.
“As a care giver for my husband, who has dementia, I was excited to be introduced to South Highland Adult Care Center. They have an active agenda each day. My husband especially enjoys the "music days". I appreciate the staff for their friendly, loving care. My association with SHACC is a blessing for my husband and me."
– LaRue T.
“Like the new country song says "Life changes" is so true! Our life changed about 4 years ago when my husband, Sonny, was diagnosed with early onset dementia. Now many normal things I took for granted have diminished and we have new normals that are constantly changing. As Sonny's wife and only caregiver, I own a business and work full time. So, I searched for a program for him where his mind would stay active and have loving, caring workers to care for his needs while I worked. I was led to South Highland Adult Care Center by wonderful friends. Mel York, Director, and all of his staff have met mine and Sonny's needs. I would recommend South Highland Adult Care Center to anyone searching for excellent care for their loved one."
– Liz B.